Duke Street Market’s owners, as a group with a mutual love and appreciation for high quality food and drink, have come together specifically to create this social eating concept. With a diverse and extensive well learnt experience. This project is a labour of love intended to showcase what a food and drink market should be.

Focused on providing a high-quality social eating and drinking experience that caters to a variety of groups. This site will cater to all group sizes, from solo customers to medium sized groups including families.

Our focus is primarily on the quality of service, quality of the produce on offer, complimented by the original character of the building with a warm and comfortable feel of the site providing a unique, multi-faceted social dining experience.

Duke Street Food & Drink Market will bring to the city’s burgeoning food and drink scene something that up to now has been lacking. Aiming to become the North West’s number one culinary food tourism location

Duke Street Food & Drink Market is developed to provide a relatively unique social eating and drinking

concept. The space has been completely re-developed from the ground up within the shell of a historic warehouse. Its design has been carefully orchestrated to allow the best use of the space and to help facilitate the bustling and exciting feel of a food and drink market. This will enable guests to fully immerse themselves within the theatre of food and drink in this comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Made up of a number of areas all contained within a relatively open plan space. Duke Street Food & Drink Market will provide a space that will cater for all groups including families.

This will allow guests, should they wish, a different experience each time they visit, ensuring that they return time and time again.

It is our passion to ensure that the quality remains key at all times. This will be applied to all aspects of the project and will include items such as, but not limited to, property facilities, staffing, cleanliness, occupancy management, glass and table ware and of course the quality of the food and drinks on offer. The attention to detail will help solidify Duke Street Food & Drink Market as a staple place to visit in Liverpool and we expect the same from all of our traders who will become an integral part of the team.

Our FOH service will look to push the boundaries not yet seen in a foodhall/market environment.


46 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1 0NA